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Penny Power Resources

Check out the Penny Power can labels! You can customize them based on your fundraising theme and introduce a way to use recycled cans and containers.

Conflict Transformation and Restorative Justice Manual

Now you can download our popular Conflict Transformation and Restorative Justice Manual as a pdf file.  Take the book to class or training class right on your laptop!

MCC Peacemaker hoodie

The slim fitting MCC Peacemaker hoodie is extremely lightweight and great for layering. Unisex regular fit. *Be advised this sweatshirt is made from the same t shirt material (Eco-Heather) as our short sleve t shirts.

MCC Giving 2014

A selection of MCC giving projects, photos, facts and stories as well as fundraising ideas for use by children's groups, Sunday schools, churches, individuals, families and organizations.

"Every gun..." peace poster

New! Peace poster available 17" x 22"